American Barn With Four Stable Boxes

Covered indoor stabling with room for four horses, fully protected from the weather.
American Barn With Four Stable Boxes
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American Barns

American Barn With Four Stable Boxes

The ability of the American barn to offer shelter all year round is one of its greatest advantages. Because of the enclosed design, horses are protected from bad weather—rain, wind, and extremely high or low temperatures—which keeps them comfortable and safe at all times. Excellent airflow is made possible by the full-sized barn doors at both ends, and the flexibility to create separate turnout pens can be added by the optional American Barn top doors, or full top and bottom stable doors at the back of each stable.

If you’re searching for year-round shelter with modern facilities, our small American Barn is the perfect option. Unlike the traditional stable block or yard, the American barn combines stables into a beautifully designed single building, which has several advantages for horses and their owner

The barn's stables, wash bays, feed rooms, and tack rooms also allow horse owners to manage daily activities and tasks easily without stepping outside or to other parts of their facility. This smooth convenience improves the overall effectiveness and enjoyment of equine husbandry by saving time and effort.

An American barn from Olsen Timber Buildings provides an organised and reliable setting for horse care, regardless of the size of the equestrian setup. The layout provides easy access to all essential features, and the year-round shelter ensures the well-being and comfort of your horses. 

For owners with a higher demand for horses, we also offer larger American barns that can accommodate large horse herds. These barns come equipped with several stables, wash bays, feed rooms, and tack rooms.

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American Barn With Four Stable Boxes

American Barns

American Barn Options

Whether you want a complete building fitted out with internal stalls/stables, back doors to turnout, additional windows or talk grilles, we can build to your design. We can include an indoor wash bay, tack room and feed store, keeping everything under one roof.

If you already have a barn, we can supply and fit all the internal walls to create a range of stables and stalls.

  • Stable doors with kick bolt
  • Window protection
  • Boarding to Eaves & Roof Lining
  • Clear roofing sheets
  • Anti-chew Door Surrounds
  • Additional Doors and Windows