Double Bay Carport with Full Hip Front

A two bay carport oriented with the gable ends to the front and rear, with aesthetic full hips which reduce the profile of your roof. Roof covering options vary from lightweight, low maintenance Onduline to stunning natural cedar shingles or traditional tiles to match surrounding properties.
Double Bay Carport with Full Hip Front
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Timber Carports

Double Bay Carport with Full Hip Front

At Olson Timber Buildings, we excel in crafting premium timber structures that are bespoke to your unique needs. Prominently among our offerings is our striking Double Bay Carport with Full Hip Front. Skilfully designed with gable ends oriented to the front and rear, this two-bay wooden carport features stylish full hips that seamlessly diminish the profile of your roof, presenting an outstanding aesthetic appeal.

Our dedication to the seamless integration of our creations within your existing environment is a hallmark in our approach to design. To this end, we offer a range of roof covering options for your double bay carport. Whether you prefer the low maintenance and lightweight characteristics of Onduline, the stunning appeal of natural cedar shingles, or traditional tiles that beautifully blend with the surrounding properties, we can make it happen.

At Olson Timber Buildings, we take pride in our ability to personalise our timber carports to your exact specifications. Our meticulously realised Double Bay Carport with Full Hip Front is a testament to our dedication to deliver results that are as unique as your requirements. Experience the superior craftsmanship of Olson Timber Buildings. Crafted with precision, made for you.

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Double Bay Carport with Full Hip Front

Timber Carports

Timber Car Port Options

From one single bay carport to a multi-bay carport with internal garden storage unit or workshop, arranged in any combination or layout, we can build to your design.

Our Olson carports are available in different specifications that are designed suit your every budget and requirement. From OTB 2, which has a high level of standard specification option with Onduline roofing, to OTB 3 which has with a variety of additional features such as; increased height for taller vehicles, oak headers and curved bracing and heavier timbers for tiled roofing.

  • Just one bay or as many as 20
  • Guttering
  • Oak Support Posts, Headers and curved Bracing
  • Tiled Roofing
  • Economical Onduline or Onduvilla tile-effect