Double Bay Oak Framed Garage

Classic oak framed garage style suited for storage or steady parking.
Double Bay Oak Framed Garage
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Oak Framed Garages

Double Bay Oak Framed Garage

Our talented team is skilled at designing this garage to meet your exact requirements and specifications, so you won't be limited to conventional designs. We'll adjust the dimensions of your garage so you get a snug fit, regardless of the size of your vehicle—whether it's a stylish SUV or a compact city car. The double bay oak famed garage significantly boosts the aesthetic appeal and market value of your property in addition to providing a secure location for your cars and assets.

Our custom oak-framed garage is the perfect option for those who appreciate excellent craftsmanship and quality, as it perfectly combines practical functionality with a modern aesthetic. Choose Olson Timber Buildings, and we will design a garage that is every bit as unique and magnificent as your house.

Sustainably Sourced Timber
Workmanship Guarantee
Built to Order
Delivered & Installed
Double Bay Oak Framed Garage

Oak Framed Garages

Oak Framed Garage Options

Our oak framed garages are feature-packed as standard, although 'standard' is not a word we would use to describe our timber buildings.

Want more features? Anything is possible, just let us know.

  • Guaranteed for 5 years
  • Sustainably Sourced Timber
  • Pressure Treated to Last
  • Hand Built to Order
  • Customised to your Design
  • Delivered & Installed on Site
  • Full Base Plan Available