Double Bay Oak Framed Garage With Recessed Store

A neat double bay oak framed garage with one open bay and one recessed store room that could be used as a home office or workshop
Double Bay Oak Framed Garage With Recessed Store
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Double Bay Oak Framed Garage With Recessed Store

At Olson Timber Buildings, we specialise in bespoke oak-framed garages that blend aesthetic appeal with pragmatic design. Our Double Bay Oak Framed Garage boasts a tastefully executed layout with one open bay and a secluded store room, perfect for versatile usage. This beautifully designed garage offers more than just a space for your car; it also provides an impressive external area that can be customised per your specific needs.

The charm of this structure lies in the versatility of its design. The open bay is ideal for car parking, while the recessed area can readily transform into a workshop or a home office. If you've considered working from home or need space for your DIY projects, this could be the ideal solution. Our architectural design approach combines beauty with functionality and flexibility.

Our skilled team at Olson Timber Buildings crafts each structure using premium-quality oak, ensuring a strong, solid, and durable edifice. We pride our business on the ability to tailor our services to our customers’ unique requirements, so rest assured your Double Bay Oak Framed Garage will be created precisely to your specification. Your vision paired with our expertise will result in a garage that offers both style and substance.

Sustainably Sourced Timber
Workmanship Guarantee
Built to Order
Delivered & Installed
Double Bay Oak Framed Garage With Recessed Store

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Our oak framed garages are feature-packed as standard, although 'standard' is not a word we would use to describe our timber buildings.

Want more features? Anything is possible, just let us know.

  • Guaranteed for 5 years
  • Sustainably Sourced Timber
  • Pressure Treated to Last
  • Hand Built to Order
  • Customised to your Design
  • Delivered & Installed on Site
  • Full Base Plan Available