Single Stable

A single stable is 12x12ft and ideal if you have just one horse. Designed and built as a stand-alone timber stable with all the features of a larger stable block.
Single Stable
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Wooden Stables

Single Stable

Sometimes you don't need a whole stable block, many of our customers have just one horse and a small yard at home where a single stable measuring 12x12ft is all they need.

A single stable is also ideal as a separate foaling box or isolation box and we can make a slightly larger stable measuring 12x14ft for foaling or larger horses, as well as increasing the height should you have a particularly tall horse.

We can also combine a single stable with a tack room and/or a hay store to provide all the storage you need. Single stables are available as static timber buildings built on a solid foundation with a raised brick course or as a mobile stable on timber or metal skids that can be moved.

Mobile stables generally don't require planning and of course, don't need any groundworks, so are perfect temporary solutions for those that need an extra stable quickly.

Of course, if space permits, a double stable block or triple stable block offer more flexibility and future-proofing.

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Single Stable

Wooden Stables

Wooden Stable Features & Options

From one single stable to a range of 50 stables, arranged in any combination or layout. Whether you want a back door to turnout, talk grilles and rubber matting, we can build to your design.

Our Olson Stables are available in several specifications that are designed to suit every budget and requirement. From OTB 2, which is an ideal starter package for a small horse yard or handful of stables, to OTB 3 with a variety of additional features such as; increased headroom for your horse, a boarded roof for added insulation, plus many other features. See the other tabs for full details.

  • Stable doors with kick bolt
  • Window protection
  • Full Internal & Roof Lining
  • Tiled Roofing
  • Rubber matting
  • Antichew Door Surrounds
  • Additional Doors & Windows