Triple Bay Oak Framed Garage with Doors

Oak framed garage with secure parking for three cars or storage all hidden away behind garage doors.
Triple Bay Oak Framed Garage with Doors
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Triple Bay Oak Framed Garage with Doors

At Olson Timber Buildings, we bring you exceptional craftsmanship coupled with expert design in oak-framed garages. One of our premium showpieces is the Triple Bay Oak Framed Garage with Doors that offers secure parking for three cars, or a versatile storage solution, thus meeting a practical need while adding grandeur to your dwelling. Constructed with robust oak frames, these triple bay garages harmoniously merge sturdiness with classic aesthetics. They provide ample hidden storage, preserving the ambiance of tidiness without compromising on accessibility. With every garage door rigidly built to safeguard your possessions, we ensure desirable levels of security that can adapt to modern lifestyle needs.

What sets us apart is our capability to customise this oak-framed garage based on your specifications. We believe in providing solutions that resonate with your taste, making every design a reflection of your choice. Whether it's a certain architectural alignment to match your exteriors, or specific storage requisites that enhance your utilitarian comfort, our team is proficient in delivering a tailored experience. Choose an Olson Timber Buildings' Triple Bay Oak Framed Garage and embrace a touch of class without forfeiting on functionality.

Sustainably Sourced Timber
Workmanship Guarantee
Built to Order
Delivered & Installed
Triple Bay Oak Framed Garage with Doors

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Our oak framed garages are feature-packed as standard, although 'standard' is not a word we would use to describe our timber buildings.

Want more features? Anything is possible, just let us know.

  • Guaranteed for 5 years
  • Sustainably Sourced Timber
  • Pressure Treated to Last
  • Hand Built to Order
  • Customised to your Design
  • Delivered & Installed on Site
  • Full Base Plan Available