Triple Mobile Field Shelter

Classic style portable field shelter ideal for horse-keeping.
Triple Mobile Field Shelter
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Mobile Field Shelters

Triple Mobile Field Shelter

Similar to its single and double counterparts, the triple mobile field shelter provides versatility with the option of an open entrance or an enclosed design, featuring slip rail or gates. This customisation allows horse owners to tailor the shelter to accommodate the specific needs and behaviours of their equine companions, whether they prefer a social or more private space.

Trusted for its durable construction on metal skids, the triple shelter can be easily towed and relocated using a small tractor or a reliable 4x4 vehicle. This mobility establishes flexibility in pasture rotation and the ability to find the best location for the horses' comfort and safety.

Each shelter is carefully built to order, showcasing our commitment to meeting individual requirements. With a wide selection of roofing materials, owners can trust that their horses will have a snug and sheltered space, regardless of the weather. Upgrade your horse-keeping experience with the triple mobile field shelter from Olsen Timber Buildings – the ultimate build that ticks all the boxes.

Sized at 36' x 12' (10.9m x 3.6m), this mobile field shelter offers a secure and comfortable home for up to three horses, creating an ideal setting for their well-being.

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Triple Mobile Field Shelter

Mobile Field Shelters

Mobile Field Shelter Options

From a single, open-fronted mobile field shelter to a much larger shelter with gated or railed entrances for young stock or foaling, we build to your design.

Our Olson Mobile Field Shelters are available in two specifications that are designed suit your every budget and requirement.

OTB 2 which is an all-inclusive package suits most people, or for even greater specification step up to the OTB 3 with a variety of additional features such as; increased headroom for your horse and a underlined canopy, plus many other features.

Both the OTB2 and OTB3 field shelters are sold as standard with our heavy duty over-sized pressure treated timber skids and have the option of bespoke Olson galvanised skids. All field shelters larger than 24ft require metal skids.

  • 80x80mm Galvanised Metal Skids or 6" x 3" Pressure Treated Timber Skids
  • Towing Chain
  • Internal Kickboard & Optional Roof Lining
  • Metal or timber field gate/s
  • Open-Fronted
  • Rear Guttering
  • Anti-Chew Door Surround