5 Timber Garage Ideas

5 Timber Garage Ideas

The In & Out Garage.

This is a double sided garage, so there are doors front and back. If your garage is blocking the only good access to the back of your house or garden why not make it future proof and make it easy to get machinery, garden equipment, and even a car straight through the garage. There is the added bonus that on a warm day you can be working in the garage and get great through ventilation. The beauty of a timber garage is that this is a simple option

The Stable Garage

Your car has with its horsepower can be safe behind timber doors in the timber garage, the actual horse can be nestled happily next door in a timber stable, all under one roof. If you opt for a double garage there is room for car one side and enclosed stable and store on the other. If there was ever a building to be a hit with all members of the family this has to be it!

The Deep Pit Garage.

A timber garage has relatively light load requirements so you can dig a nice deep old fashioned mechanics pit to get under a car or truck. If this is your plan make sure to leave room at one end for some steps and we can advise on the most sensible distance that the edge of the pit should be. This is especially popular where height is an issue and planning restrictions involve a low roof.

The Hot Box Garage.

Our favourite and incredibly popular, popping in a log burner. The heat from a burner changes a timber garage into a warm inviting winter space. Whilst it is not easy to say how many garages actually store a car we can safely say many Olson garage are workshops and cold workshops, even nice timber ones are not nice in winter. A log burner transforms the space and quickly will have you spending hours in the garage. If you are going to heat the garage it is worth insulating and maybe consider a secondary door for those moments when it has got a little too toasty. It goes without saying that you need to get the stove installed professionally so the through roof section is nice and fireproof! Log Store For Log Burner in Garage

A Garage Gym.

By making the garage a little longer or wider than you need there will be room for no end of exercise equipment. Tucked away from public view you can tone up and get fit in private and best of all remove the gym equipment from cluttering up the bedroom. That extra space can easily be adapted to an artists studio, workshop or simple storage if you decide to come off the exercise train. A timber garage or timber building is incredibly flexible, easily tailored to your requirements the possibilities are endless, we have even been asked for a building that is boat house at one end and garage at the other, just ask and we will do our best to offer a timber solution. If you would like to build your own quote for a timber garage click here.