An Oak Framed Garage & Carriage House for a Farmhouse Renovation.

An Oak Framed Garage & Carriage House for a Farmhouse Renovation.

Jamie and Marc approached Olson already a long way in to the renovation and expansion of their farmhouse and outbuildings in rural Essex. Having originally obtained planning permissions for a brick built garage and store, the couple realised as they went through the process of undertaking works that no matter how good their builder was with brick and stone work - a timber building was simply going to look better in their surroundings.

The natural finish of wood, the traditional style and sheer flexibility of timber was seen as the clincher for the change from brick to timber. The garage needed to multi-task and look more like a barn than a garage - enter the Olson Oak Fronted Carriage House (which to many people is an oak garage). Oak brings an immediate timeless feel form the day of installation, something that new brickwork can not. Furthermore, it is incredibly strong so allowed for some tweaks to the design that involved a covered side area for wood storage.

Changing direction to a timber outbuilding in this instance involved an application to the planners, the original planning permission granted needed an amendment to show the new materials and design tweaks. This sounds daunting but as Jamie points out Hannah in the Olson design team did all the work, she produced revised plans and elevations, included material details and all that was then required was a quick submission. What sounded scary and the last thing anyone would want to consider doing when nearing the end of a 4 year building project was actually quick and painless.

With builders on site the foundations and base were laid ready for Olson to arrive and install the carriage house that had been designed to their exacting requirements. As each Olson buildings is bespoke each installation is unique. An entire footprint of 10.9m x 6.1m gives space for two open bay parking spaces, a gated store and a side return for log storage. Oak supports and braces are visible form the front as are the oak side supports for the storage area. Cladding is heavyweight treated timber and the Olson build team constructed a roof that was felted and ready for tiling by a roofer.

Asked what made Jamie and Marc choose an Olson Oak Framed Carriage House the reply was simple - “We wanted a barn look that was built to last and at the best price. The service was spot on from assistance with planning and design right through to Spencer and the boys installing the garage.“