Bespoke Timber Building Inspiration

Bespoke Timber Building Inspiration

We are often approached to build a bespoke timber building, be it a cricket pavilion, boat house or changing rooms for a swimming pool. The Olson way is that everything we build is bespoke, exactly to the requirements of our customers but what do you do when there is nothing on our website to match your requirements? Simply pop the plans over, or give a brief description and we can come back with timber building options that suit you.

Building in wood has many advantages, speed, low environmental impact, ease of adaption and the ability to simply make something a little longer, wider or taller, add in a door window or change the shape entirely. Bespoke Building Inspiration - What can be done with a timber building? We show you with three totally different bespoke timber buildings.

One of our favourite builds back in the depth of winter was a cricket pavilion on the Leicestershire Derbyshire boarders. A thriving cricket team needed a new home and one that does lots of things at the same time. It needs to cope with providing indoor and outdoor space, a veranda for those requiring shade (or maybe to hide from the rain) and inside space for preparation of tea and inclement weather cover etc. Complete with a central entrance way and two further door ways as well as windows the pavilion was all installed in days rather than the weeks a block or brick building would have needed. Using our Kent workshops to prepare the building we are able to get everything spot on before arriving at site and thus work through the colder months with no issue.

If you are worried about dreaming too big the next bespoke timber building we highlight took things to a new level. What do you do when you want to hide a steel shipping container, have useful storage space and make it all look like you have a barn that fits perfectly in to the countryside? The answer is dream big, plan well and let Olson work with you! We probably won’t ever be asked to do quite the same installation again but it was an enjoyable build and one we rather like. Our client wanted a shipping container built into the middle of the building, a container that could be removed at a later date, that no one would see for security reasons and in an unassuming barn. Around said container we built 4 separate storage space/rooms with additional external access from a covered pathways. The end result is something special, big sliding end doors, super secure storage and a barn that will age perfectly in to the surroundings

Not all builds are large scale - working with a retirement home we recently built a scooter and bike store positioned neatly in the garden of one of their properties. Complete with a little covered seating area the building was again installed in the colder months and now, with the garden really having taken off, looks like it has been part of the garden for years. Timber buildings make perfect, bike, scooter and garden stores and for our commercial clients, knowing we can offer a quick install with minimal disruption to residents is important.

We are always happy to assist with any bespoke building from pool house to beach hut, simply drop us a note with brief details of your project and we will guide you from there.