Going Mobile - Field Shelters and Stables

Going Mobile - Field Shelters and Stables

Mobile Field Shelter There are two main reasons why we see so many horse owners looking at mobile equine buildings. Mobile Timber Building Flexibility The first one is simply flexibility, being able to move the stables or field shelter from one paddock to another or even one grazing area to another saves the investment in multiple timber buildings.

With a suitable tractor (or even a heavier weight 4x4 according to some of our customers) the stable or shelter is easily dragged by the built in chains to the next grazing area. There are certainly some limitations, we find that a timber building being towed down an A road is a bit of a no no but over grass or mud it is a simple process. Quick Deployment Stables The second reason to consider purchasing a mobile timber building often revolves around planning permission, or more to the point the lack of it.

In many cases mobile field shelters or stables do not require planning consent, as by their nature, being mobile and thus not fixed to the ground, they fall outside planning rules and regulations (we still advise you double check local planning regulations for your area). We have seen a recent trend for horse owners considering a mobile field shelter choosing to upgrade their purchase to mobile stables. Why? There is certainly a price differentiation, stables cost more than field shelters but, the stable route gives maximum flexibility, a stable with a door pinned open can act as a field shelter during summer months or winter day times and then spring into full stable mode at other times.

Quick to deploy, mobile stables do not need a brick base or concrete slab, this means they can be ordered, delivered and in place in days rather than weeks or months. There is an associated cost saving with no fixed base, making the mobile stable an alternative to be strongly considered.

Mobile Field Shelter On Skids The choice of which mobile stables or mobile field shelter to buy will be very much down to your needs, how much space you have, how many horses you need to house and how easy it will be to move. Olson treated timber skids are big chunky and solid, or for those looking at an even stronger option, steel skids give an even more robust and longer life span.

We can advise on the best route for you and equally, when we understand the terrain of your paddocks the best choice of field shelter or stables. During November and December when you spend over £1900 + VAT on an equine building we are offering a £75 tack voucher with Equikit to buy you or your horse a little treat.