Home Gym in a Timber Building

Home Gym in a Timber Building

A home gym is a perfect way to get fit. Having a gym at home means, in theory, you are more likely to find the time to exercise. No need to leave the house, no annual membership fees and no set times that you can or cannot be working out.

Granted not many people have the space just waiting to swallow gym equipment or room for home yoga but a garden studio can be a quick, cost effective and planning friendly way to get your home gym. Assuming you will not be trying to use an indoor trampoline most home timber gyms fall inside permitted development rules. You will need a solid base and a base wall, the size and shape can be tailored to you and your exercise requirements.

A good start is to think about the machines, weights and equipment you will require both now and in the future. A keen athlete may have a bike, an ergo (or rowing machine) and weights bench, this will fit nicely in one of our smaller studio buildings but a good size to consider is 12ft x 18ft. We often install home gym buildings that are multi use, for example a children's games room or home office at one end and the other part is a gym. Of note is that if you do sell your house in the future, a timber building can be different things to different people, your gym could be someone else's artists studio, home for a model railway or workshop. When designing a timber building that will be used as a gym there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Firstly height, depending on what you intend to do exercise wise we can alter the roof design to give maximum height above you.
  • Secondly assuming you will be using the gym all year, we would recommend insulation for warmth in winter and coolness in summer but also, often forgotten, windows and doors.
  • Fresh air makes exercising so much more pleasant, it keeps the air fresh and generally makes the atmosphere nicer.
  • Lastly a lot of people choose to exercise to music, you can do this quickly and simply with a phone and headphones or consider a sound system or TV.

We can add in extra supports on a wall for brackets very easily (the same is true for mirrors). A home gym is a lifestyle choice that is hard to justify price wise but not when you consider, as with any timber building, you are likely adding the value to your house. Should you sell, the house that offers more will likely attract a buyer more quickly and a better price. The huge benefit for the gym owner is a place to train and workout in peace without the need to leave your own home, at whatever time of day you would like, wearing what you want and get fit in your own time. All Olson studios are tailored exactly to your requirements, the planning and design team are on hand to help advise and create plans for you. We offer a design and build service including footings or, if you prefer, Olson DIY saves you 20% on any timber buildings and you can build your new timber building as part of a gym training session!