Oak Framed Timber Garages For Less.

Oak Framed Timber Garages For Less.

You can get the look without the cost of an oak framed garage or carriage house with the Olson Oak fronted range.

Oak has timeless quality that fits in with buildings old and new, it was used for centuries in English buildings and agricultural barns. It is thus no surprise that oak timber buildings, especially garages and carriage houses are popular. Compared to treated softwood oak is expensive, put simply oak is more expensive to buy and build with. For many people the oak vs treated softwood garage comes down to a pricing decision.

Oak posts and bracing can be seen with treated softwood internal timbers where protected from the weather

A question of longevity? An oak framed building will last a long time, there is no doubt about it but is it worth the investment in something that will outlast you and your children when there is an alternative? Treated softwood will also last a long time if it is properly cared for, this means keep an eye on exposed timbers and making sure internal ones are not left under a leak or by an overflowing gutter.

For sure oak will last longer, it is strong and have good rot resistance, it is a heavier wood and naturally protects but treated softwood is also a good high quality building material. We love oak, when constructing a timber building from oak we know it will blend perfectly with nature, it weathers well and a new building will soon look like it has been there for decades whilst in decades it should feel as solid as they day it was installed.

An oak framed garage without breaking the bank

Getting the oak look without the full oak garage cost - Olson are able to offer oak fronted garages and carriage houses that use an oak frame at the entrance but revert to treated timber and softwood framing (with the usual Olson quality promises) on the remaining structure. This means from the front your garage will have all of the lovely aesthetic qualities of an oak framed building whilst the hidden structure is more cost effective softwood.

This hybrid oak and treated wood concept is proving very popular with carriage houses where it is standard on our mid range (OTB2) and upper range (OTB3). The opening is in truth the part seen by those looking at the building and especially when tiled will look classical and at home in its surroundings. An oak garage or oak carriage house does not have to be prohibitively expensive, indeed the oak look can be obtained for less than you may expect, more of a minor upgrade than major investment.  To get a quote on an oak garage click here or for an oak carriage house click here.