Stabling for Larger Horses

Stabling for Larger Horses

Horse owners will know that horses become a way of life and part of the family, so making sure your horse is comfortable, well cared for and protected is of the utmost importance.

Horses come in a range of sizes, from a knee-high miniature Shetland, to chunky cob, hefty Suffolk Punch or 18hh+ warmbloods. Of course, you can buy rugs and tack in different sizes to fit your horse, but what about their stable? A standard stable of 12x12 is going to be a somewhat snug fit for a horse that’s getting on for 10 feet in length.

We were recently faced with exactly this question, or more to the point, one of our local clients was. The family were looking to build some stables on their land and were aware that stables are an investment, so they wanted to make sure their chosen set up was as flexible as possible. They needed stabling for two large horses, which in real terms take up the space of three more meagrely proportioned animals. As standard, we offer the typical 12x12 stable combination, but we also offer a larger 12x14. But in this case, they really wanted to give their horses even more space.

The immediate thought was to simply build extra-large custom stables. However, a future owner would then be stuck with just two stables in a space that would usually accommodate three. So instead, we built a three-box stable block without the internal stable partitions, instead, separating the stabling space with a gate, into two huge stables. The result is a lovely timber stable building hidden away in rural Kent, with a flexible stable configuration, storage and feed room. For the future? With three stable doors and everything in place to adapt the block to a more standard three horse layout, we can easily retrofit the internal partitions, or the client could undertake this as a DIY option.

Every Olson timber stable building is built to order, to our client’s exact requirements and specification. Our team is on-hand throughout the design and build process to help you incorporate your ideas, as well as providing base plans, completing the groundworks and installation of your new timber stables. Get a quote today, from a Shetland to 18hh+, we have a solution!