Tapco Slate for Timber Buildings - A new type of tile

Tapco Slate for Timber Buildings - A new type of tile

There is a new roofing option for timber buildings, meeting building regulation, looking great and with a 40 year warranty - Tapco.

Until relatively recently roofing options for a stable, garage or home studio were limited to various versions of corrugated material, tiles or sheet materials such as felt. Each one of these has its merits and downsides and for many the choice has been governed by budget and ease of installation.

There is no doubt in our mind that tiles of one kind or the other finish off a timber building very nicely. Be they slate, clay or our real favourite - cedar shingle. Apart from a field shelter any of our range can be specified to include a tiled roof, to do this we often have to increase the pitch - troublesome in some locations due to planning, and we construct the roof slightly differently.

Tiling ultimately adds cost in raw materials and specialist labour. Enter Tapco, tiling but “not as you know it“ . Tapco is an engineered tile, available to suit a slate style roof, clay tiled and a choice of 20 colours in-between, there is even a cedar shake option. The big news about Tapco is it does things standard tiles can not, it costs less and is easier to install, comes with a guarantee that will see out many of our lifetimes and really looks the part.

Tapco slate (our most popular Tapco product) like all their tiles is made from a mix of limestone and virgin resins. It is engineered not to fade, not to delaminate and to withstand the rigours of its 40+ year lifecycle. Lighter than normal slate and made in moulds from a real slate tile Tapco can be used on a pitch as shallow as 14 degrees where as traditional slates, even the most modern and carefully manufactured require 20-30 degrees.

The difference in weight, ease of cutting, installation and longevity makes Tapco a real option to consider for timber garage, home office or carriage house. We have always been cautious of products that are not natural, after all our buildings are made from natures construction gift - wood. Put a synthetic tile next to natural wood and it just does not look right.

We honestly think Tapco is the exception, we have used it on show buildings and it looks great! We have always offered a one stop solution for timber buildings, providing plans, working with clients at the design stage, assisting with drawings for applications, nearly uniquely, laying the footings and then installing an Olson building.

Now we can also tile with Tapco and your buildings is ready in a few days. Build your own quote for timber outbuildings here or equestrian buildings here. Why not pop along to one of our summer road show events across the south of England and see Tapco for yourself, see the colours, decide between Classic and new more hand cut Aledora range.