The advantages of an American barn

The advantages of an American barn

An American Barn is a large timber-framed structure that houses multiple horses in rows of individual stalls, covered all year round in a dry and sociable environment away from the elements and harsh weather where you and your colleagues can get to work with the horses from a convenient and covered centralised passageway.

Unsurprisingly, American Barns are growing increasingly popular with horse owners and it’s easy to see why. When you consider the many benefits they offer to both horse and owner, it’s a win-win for all involved.

As passionate horse owners ourselves, we only want the best for these beautiful creatures and spoiling them with an American Barn is the best way to keep them content and healthy. Popular in the equestrian market including working yards such as liveries and riding schools, these impressive structures make horse ownership and maintenance hugely convenient as everything is placed under one roof away from the harsh British weather.

Having everything in the same place makes the everyday chores a pleasure when you consider just how much easier horse ownership can be with an American Barn. For example, it is very common for American Barns to have added conveniences such as tack rooms, wash stalls, feed storages or even a small office, toilet or equipment area. Having all that under one structure is hugely attractive to anyone who’s owned horses for any given length of time.

Improved well-being It’s also important to note that American Barns are proven to make for happier, relaxed horses because each stall is separated by openings, meaning they can see each other and socialise, preventing the feeling of isolation and enclosure. This is particularly good if you own a sensitive or nervous horse as they will constantly feel a part of the herd even when alone in their stall and be less likely to show signs of stress or anxiety.

Better hygiene American Barns also benefit from excellent ventilation that travels along the central passageway and around the entire structure, making for a light and airy environment, meaning your horses are less prone to the spread of disease whilst you can get to enjoy working in a dry, covered building away from the wet and cold winds in the winter seasons and feel cool and dry during summer months.

Of course, the investment required to purchased and build an American Barn may seem like a fairly large commitment but when you consider the added benefits of owning one, you’ll soon realise it’s worth every penny and no doubt, your horses will thank you for it too! If you own many horses and are considering changing their stables in the near future, an American Barn could be the ideal solution to your needs.

To discuss your needs, a why not give us a call at Olson Timber Building and we can explain the processes of designing and building an American Barn suited to your exact requirements.