The Olson Mancave

The Olson Mancave

So what’s a “Mancave”? A mancave is a space to call your own and escape to. A place for reflection, inspiration, or relaxation. You may even do some work in it; use the space to do up that vintage or classic car or start that woodworking project. A mancave or manspace and, less commonly, a manland or mantuary, is a male retreat or sanctuary. (Wikipedia) TV shows like Amazing Spaces have inspired us to use our outdoor spaces with more imagination and create extra space by utilising sheds and garages.

If you haven’t seen the entries for their Shed of the Year, take a quick look for inspiration. Channel 4 Amazing Spaces From a basic garage in which to house your classic car, to a garden studio retreat, complete with a bar, or an Olson timber workshop with workbenches and all of your tools. Let your imagination run wild and make your shed a truly inspiring space for you to chill out, work or simply potter. We will provide you with a well built, long lasting timber shed. But that’s just the start; Olson will work with you to create a space that suits you and is perfect for the job. Then it’s over to you to add the personal finishing touches and fill it with your treasured possessions.

Things to consider for your mancave:

Size - Big enough for a car, truck or tractor? Or just a workbench and storage for tools. Don’t forget space for a chair or stool – you may want to sit down with that beer. Olson sheds, workshops and mancaves can be made to any size to fit your garden and budget.

Storage - Are open shelves sufficient or perhaps some of that ‘stuff’ needs to be hidden or locked away? We can offer plenty of great tailor-made storage solutions to suit the purpose of your Man Cave.

Windows and doors - Let the light in and give yourself plenty of space to get things in and out. Double doors are practical and windows can be made in a variety of sizes.

Position - It might be nice to be right down the bottom of the garden but think about electrics too. To get the most out of your Man Cave you will need light and power.

Planning Permission - Don't forget that you may need to seek planning consent. We have some advice in our planning guide here and can help with any planning application by providing full elevated drawings.

You have your Olson Mancave - now it’s over to you. Each Man Cave should reflect the personality and interests of its owner. Here are some ideas to get you thinking about how to make it your space.

Workbench - For the really serious projects you need the right tools and somewhere to work. Olson can make you a workbench or maybe you have a lovely old one, complete with the wear and tear of past projects. Perhaps its been passed down through generations and now it just needs a perfect home.

Tools - If you’ve haven’t already got some, you now have the excuse to drool over some tools, electric or otherwise. Look out for vintage tools at boot fairs and antique shows. Even if you don’t use them, they can add personality and interest to a Man Cave.

(Beer) Fridge - Big or small, we think it’s pretty essential, to be honest. A bar area. Think beer mats, pumps, tankards and a couple of bar stools. Maybe even a pub sign.

Memorabilia - Hang up vintage signs and memorabilia for your favourite car, motorbike or tractor. Old car badges look fantastic and even an old road sign can add that quirky touch. Look out for old car parts that can be repurposed into something new. Library. For those who want their Man Cave as a place to escape, a bookcase next to a comfy chair might be all you need, (apart from that fridge of course.)

Heating - Make it a year-round space. This could be an oil-filled electric heater or really go for it with a wood burner. Outside the shed could be the perfect place for a metal fire pit or barbeque. Sound system. The ultimate Man Cave addition.

Your space, your music - A work in progress You don’t want to do all the work on your Mancave in one go. Keep adding to it, seeking out quirky new things and making changes as you need to. Making it perfect should be as much fun as using it.

A good Man Cave will never be “finished.” Unless, of course, you have to get started on the “She Shed” now that your space looks so good!