Timber garages for 4x4’s and SUV’s

Timber garages for 4x4’s and SUV’s

Finding a garage to fit an SUV or 4x4 can be tricky and is a little more involved than finding space for a standard car.

A timber garage offers flexibility at the design stage so can be easily tailored to your 4x4. That said many people forget, or do not check a few vital things when specifying their garage. 4x4s and SUVs come in various different heights, widths, and lengths and one also needs to consider the opening of doors and the boots.

Height is generally the biggest problem; some of the larger 4x4s are over two metres high before having anything added to the roof. Given the adventure nature of these vehicles, there is sometimes extra space needed above and beyond the car height for a roof rack or even a rooftop tent. Secondly, a timber garage will offer a softer landing for a car door than a block-built garage, but it is still better to allow enough room to open the doors and remove the need to exit through the sunroof!

Our design team are able to help with these issues. Firstly we will cross check your car specifications relating to height and then be able to advise on both the suitable entrance height and internal height. Secondly as every Olson timber garage is built to your requirements they can build in space for storage, a work bench and crucially alter the roof structure to make the garage tuned around your car. A timber garage can be quite simple to build without planning consent, however the bigger and taller the structure the more likely you are to need consent rather than being able to proceed without permitted development. One thing we may suggest is you consider a carriage house, you can explore more details on this link.

Height-wise unless you are in an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB), conservation area or have a listed building, your garage can often be as high as 3.5m at the ridgeline without the need for planning consent. This is reduced to 2.5m in AONBs and many conservation areas (listed buildings will generally require consent at any height). For an SUV it is not the garage ridgeline that often matters but the entrance and the roof structure and this is where it is worth really double checking your numbers.

At Olson, we always try to accommodate taller, wider cars with clever roof design and larger doors thanks to our bespoke approach, often suggesting ideas that may have been overlooked for a timber garage. For more planning information visit our planning page One thing to keep in mind is the approach to a garage, clearly the garage will be on a flat level surface but the drive leading up to it and entrance may not be, this can mean that due to the angle of entry, just as you go through the doors, your car roof will actually be at angle so as to make it even higher than normal. Not an issue with smaller cars but 4x4s and SUVs can be more tricky. Oh and don’t forget your towbar, it will make the car longer than the manufacturer's specifications!

A timber garage is hugely versatile, as a workshop, home for your car and storage. We can add windows, doors and log-stores wherever required, and adjust the shape and roof to make the most of the space you have. Don’t panic about an AONB or tight spot, our team can work around your car, just let us know the make and model when you ask for a quote.