Why Olson Timber Buildings Last Longer

Why Olson Timber Buildings Last Longer

No matter which of our timber buildings you purchase from the lowest priced field shelter to the largest American barn or carriage house there are three things that we see as a basic element of our timber buildings that make them last longer and look better.

Pressure treated timber - each plank of external shiplap, every skid for a field shelter or main support is made from pressure treated FSC certified timber. We only use two different saw mills so know exactly the process involved, can be sure of quality and that they offer a guarantee as to longevity.

Whilst you can choose to paint an Olson garage there is no need as they are impregnated for longevity from day one to stop rot and this is pushed by pressure deep in to the wood. Nails - as mad as it seems the smallest element of a timber building is also the thing that stops those dreadful run lines that form under nail holes and discolour the wood.

We use only stainless steel nails to attach the shiplap cladding. You will often find zinc coated nails in use, these along with nearly every other type of nail will over time discolour on the wood or rust away. Stainless steel nails are made for the outside environment and to last, quiety hidden buried in the timber doing their job for years to come.

Galvanised door fittings and hinges - one of the most exposed elements on a timber garage or stable is the door and it's fittings. We only use galvanised hinges, pad eyes and locks. Not to mention galvanised anti-chew bibs and door surrounds on stables. The galvanising process is widely recognised as the best way to keep steel fittings protected, lasting many years in the harshest of elements. Stainless Steel Nails -

We want out buildings to last, to be enjoyed for longer and not form a part of a throw away society. It is better for the environment and better for you as a customer. We value customer feedback and recommendation, so much so we stake our name on it and offer a workmanship guarantee warranty our buildings. We need to know that the raw materials that make a stable, garage or studio are up to the job, that we can stamp the name Olson on it. If you would like a quote for an equestrian building - click here , for timber garages, garden studios and home offices click here.