Working From Home - A Timber Office

Working From Home - A Timber Office

Commuting is stressful, dull and time-consuming. Working from home for many people sounds like the perfect life change. Simply walk from the bedroom to your office, start work and the day should be so much easier, no more 6am train in the dark or defrosting the car. From experience there are two types of home workers, the all obsessed never to be disturbed and the easily distracted, tea making, fridge opening fidget.

Fidget or dedicated home worker, that smug feeling of no commute is easily lost when squashed in a cramped study, fighting for peace with children excited to be home from school, fridge raiding urges and a decidedly average view out of the smallest room in the house. Quickly looking at how to make this entire process work, you are faced with an extension or getting back on the commuter wagon, neither of which is compelling.

Shortly after starting this thought pattern the eco friendly, easily installed, cost effective and planning friendly timber studio or office should be crossing your mind. Using only a small area of garden and with minimum fuss a new office can be yours for the use of. Separating work and home life, giving you a private space that you can orientate as you wish to look at the view you prefer, get the sunlight you crave and still be a 30 second walk from your own back door.

A timber office will often fall outside planning regulations meaning that we are able to work with you to design your own perfect timber building. As Olson are able to design, lay footings and install the office for you it is not even stressful. Better still interest free credit option allow the spreading of payments. There are a few things to consider with a timber home studio or office.

Generally power will be required so you need to speak with an electrician and check the position makes sense. At the same time it may be worth looking at internet options, often a wifi booster or router in the main house are more than sufficient. Telephone can easily be handled over the internet these days so no need for lots and lots of wires. Depending on how much of a dab hand at DIY you are, we can install the building with our without insulation, finished surfaces or even a roof.

Our totally flexible approach even includes a flat pack option (and 20% off). Windows, door and lighting make an office, locked in a dark gloomy space is not good for the soul, depending on budget you can choose from timber, UPVC or even powder coated aluminium finishes.

External cladding will depend on your location and what fits in. For a contemporary look cedar is hard to beat and it is hard wearing, don’t be put off by treated softwood though, there is no need to coat it or stain it and it will blend in with nearly any surrounding. A little luxury?

Our two favourites are a log burner, so perfect on damp winter days, and an inverter air conditioning heater system that is super effective, a doddle to install and will not break the bank. The best bit, is your timber office is yours to do with as you wish, a blank canvas to do as much or as little as you like. If you are considering working from home, are struggling in a small box-room or simply want peace and quiet in a space of your own to contemplate the universe, give us a call or request a quote and we will be pleased to advise and help you.