Triple Bay Carriage House With Store And Garage

A traditional Triple Bay Carriage House With Store And Garage for smooth parking and storage space.
Triple Bay Carriage House With Store And Garage
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Carriage Houses

Triple Bay Carriage House With Store And Garage

At Olson Timber Buildings, we specialise in creating custom carriage houses that meet the needs of every customer. Our passionate team places a high value on design and production, providing the delivery of long-lasting and well designed structures that blend in perfectly with your house.

The triple bay carriage house, which includes a built-in store and garage, is a great example of our ability. This carriage house easily blends luxury and functionality, offering two cars with safe parking and a large store with multiple uses. This flexible addition can be used as a large workshop, well-organised garden tool storage, or an inviting home office. The store has an entry door and window, so there is plenty of natural light, and it is easily accessible.

Every carriage house built by Olson Timber is individual carefully designed for your exact needs. We have the ability to include every detail you can think of for your perfect carriage house because of our commitment to construction. With a carriage house from Olson Timber Buildings, you can find the right space for you.

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Triple Bay Carriage House With Store And Garage

Carriage Houses

Carriage House Options

From a single bay carriage house, double carriage house, triple or more, we can build to your design.

Our Olson carriage houses are available in various specifications that are designed suit your every budget and requirement. From OTB 2, which is a great budget option with Onduline roofing, to OTB 3 which has with it a variety of additional features such as; increased height for taller vehicles, oak headers, curved bracing and heavier timbers for tiled roofing.

  • Pressure Treated or Oak Support Posts, Headers & Curved Bracing
  • Guttering
  • Open Bays or Garage Units
  • Workshop/Garden Store Room
  • Tiled Roofing
  • Economical Onduline or Onduvilla tile-effect Roofing
  • Additional Doors & Windows
  • Roof Storage System